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Lumino, the most advanced Color Control System!

Lumino‘s algorithms calculate matching
colors rapidly, pairing them efficiently
with several color systems.
With a simple, easy to use interface,
Lumino helps you achieve professional
quality results faster than ever.
Lumino‘s state of the art calibration
technology achieves stunning colors
out of regular CMYK printing systems.
Lumino, the most advanced Color Control System is changing the way we print.

Lumino is a Color Control System that utilizes “state of the art” separation and calibration software that delivers consistent and predictable color straight out of regular CMYK printers. The results are truly stuning.

Ever wondered why you can’t achieve the same results out of your printers? Then Lumino’s your answer. Lumino uses a fixed target approach to calibrate your printer, you can tune multiple printers to the same target and obtain production matches like never before with extraordinary ease. Just like tuning a piano, Lumino tunes your printers in a similar way so they all play the same notes.

This fixed target technique also guaranties consistent results over time, provided you regularly calibrate your printers to stay on target.

Lumino is the ideal solution for small and medium print and dye sublimation shops that require accurate and repeatable color across multiple printers. Scalability further allows Lumino to be used by big shops running jobs in tandem on multiple printers at the same time.

Check out how Lumino works calibrating a photographic image  for dye sublimation printout

How Lumino works

Understand the power of our new Color Control System

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Lumino Facts

Lumino is the product of years of research and investigation by a team of engineers and technicians who deeply analyzed the behavior of color, light and their straight relationship between printers and inks. The result is a flawless, easy to use Color Control System that simplifies color profiling to a level never seen before.